From the TD Archives - Are we the only people that like the A400M?

From the TD Archives – Are we the only people that like the A400M?

Am going to start re-posting the odd older item by way of repeating old rubbish being ecologically sound.

The very first article on Think Defence, an A400M related post that asked if anyone else liked the A400M. At the time of the post, in 2009, A400M news was unremittingly bad.

With recent news about accelerated…

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Defence Related Parliamentary Answers – to 22nd July 2014

Defence Related Parliamentary Answers – to 22nd July 2014

Defence related Parliamentary Written Statements and Answers to Written Questions

Air Force

Nicholas Soames: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what the (a) rank and (b) length of service was of each RAF engineer (aerosystems) officer who left the service in each of the last five years for which figures are available. [199373]

Anna Soubry: The information requested constitutes personal…

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Selling Weapons to Argentina

Selling Weapons to Argentina

There is, and always has been, a stench of hypocrisy around the arms trade but we grudgingly accept it because it adds considerably to the nations wealth.

You may have seen this report in relation to Russia and the Ukraine but the report by the House of Commons Committees on Arms Export Controls is well worth a read on another country of concern, Argentina.

The report has the snappy title;


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A Tin of Soup and Six Tea Bags

A Tin of Soup and Six Tea Bags

I am not one for singling out veterans for extra super special treatment when compared to others in need, I would feel the same if it were anyone that dies in these circumstances, service or not, but you cannot failed to be moved by this story.

A ex Royal Signals soldier who whatever reason was down on his luck.

According to his family, Mr Clapson was found “alone, penniless and starving” a…

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What’s the sea ever done for us

What’s the sea ever done for us

Sea blindness, wot sea blindness


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Mistral for Sale


A lot of people think we can just whip out the Queen’s credit card and integrate the ship into the Royal Navy, if only life were that simple, even though the French are officially our new best friend forever.

Russian Mistral

Russian Mistral

How about a quick fantasy fleets exercise

With the basic rule that it would have to be manning neutral and an…

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Mission extraordinary: motorcycling across Afghanistan

Mission extraordinary: motorcycling across Afghanistan

Bonnie from the Honda Dreams magazine asked me to share this.

Former Royal Marine, Chris Short, talks to Dream about his epic motorcycle journey from Afghanistan to Goodwood

Mission Motorsport

Mission Motorsport – Click to Read More

What is Mission Motorsport?

Founded by Major James Cameron, Mission Motorsport is the perfect alliance of his two great passions motorsport and rehabilitating injured soldiers. Their…

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Open Source Image Analysis

Open Source Image Analysis

There is a truck load of speculation and conflicting opinion online about the MH17 but this popped into my Twitter feed this morning from a number of people and I think it is worth a look

[browser-shot width=”600” url=””]

Fascinating stuff

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Fore Sale - Arezzo

Fore Sale – Arezzo

The MoD is selling one of the RLC’s Ramped Landing Craft

The best part of the sale document

The engines have recently been upgraded to Volvo Penta’s as have the Gearbox’s and

Well of course they have

RCL at Marchwood

RCL at Marchwood

Read the details

[browser-shot width=”600” url=””]

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Python Gets an Updgrade

Python Gets an Updgrade

The Royal Engineers Python minefield breaching system is getting an upgrade that includes changing the explosive filler to an Insensitive Munition compliant RX4400, improvements to the arming unit and upgrading the trailers.



The contract will complete in 2016.

Python trailer (Image Credit - Plain Military)

Python trailer (Image Credit – Plain…

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